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Enjoying the horses at the Dog & Pony Ranch

Ranch Livestock

Horses & Llamas & Chickens, oh my!

The Dog & Pony Ranch is a great place for you and your dogs to safely meet these types of animals. See below for photos of previous guests' interactions with our livestock.

You are welcome to pet our horses and llamas over the fence if they approach you. We (or our pet sitter when we're not onsite) feed the animals in the late afternoon each day (they have auto-feeders for other meals) so this is a good time to visit the barn if you want to meet our livestock, give them some treats and take some fun photos. Guests are also welcome to enjoy our farm-fresh chickens' eggs which we stock in the guest kitchen refridgerator (typically a dozen).

Taking the llamas for a walk on 60 acre ranch Llama Walks and Horse Riding

When we are in residence (see calendar for hosted visit dates), we offer additional options such as "llama walks" for a unique photo opportunity. We don't have a string of rental horses, but our well-behaved horses have been great teachers for our nieces and nephews over the years. You can learn to groom and tack the horse, get a lesson in the arena and/or a trail ride around the property. Or just take some photos with them -- our 2 quarter horses are now in their 20's so don't do high performance work like they used to do, but really riding and controlling a horse is an awesome experience compared to nose-to-butt trail rides. Let us know what you want and we'll provide a custom quote (for example, $20 to take 2 llamas on a ~30 minute walk, $75 to groom/tack/ride a horse in a private ~60 min session).

If you are looking for a trail ride for your whole group, we can recommend nearby horseback riding options. If you have your own horses and want to enjoy them while on vacation, see our Bring Your Horses page for details and info about our horse facilities.

Safe fencing separates dog and livestock Q: Will my dogs be safely separated from the livestock?

A: WE LOVE ANIMALS SO THEIR SAFETY IS A TOP PRIORITY TO US!!! The horses, llamas, and chickens are safely separated in a 7-acre pasture on the east side of the property with ~4' high cross-hatched "field fencing" that should keep most dogs out of the horse/llama area. Our fencing is more secure than most rural neighbors who fence livestock typically with 3-strand wire. Our chickens live in a predator-proof coop and run (fencing goes underground) so we are confident your dogs won't get to them as long as you don't open any of the chicken doors.

Predator-proof chicken coop and runIf you have very small or very determined high-prey drive dogs, we recommend that you leash them when walking near livestock pastures since they might find a way to go over or under the fence. Children should be supervised at all times as well to ensure they don't open gates and go into the animal areas. Guests allowing their dogs to harrass our animals, or people going into the horse/llamas/chicken pens putting both themselves and our animals at risk will be asked to leave immediately per our rental agreement (our livestock areas are under constant video surveillance).

Image caption.

Satellite layout of Dog and Pony Ranch in Gold Country