header photo of Dog and Pony Ranch

Merchandise Store

For several years we have offered logo merchandise for guests visiting the Dog & Pony Ranch who want to take home souvenirs to remember their visit. Recently, we have started expanding the products we offer and will be announcing an Etsy Store by end of Summer 2021 for more product variety, colors and sizes -- stay tuned!

Dog and Pony Ranch Merchandise Animal-Themed Shirts

When our llama Mozart showed how much he enjoyed his new "kissing" trick (basically touching noses which is a natural llama behavior that I cue with a "kiss" sound), I had to design this shirt! It's almost ready for sale and will be the first of our line of beautiful animal shirts, many with silly puns to make you smile.

Dog and Pony Ranch Merchandise Personalized Postcards

Guests continue to tell us how much they appreciate the photos we take of them enjoying our Ranch and the animals here -- with the entire family at more than selfie-arms-length. We are now offering personalized postcards if you want us to print a special image for mailing to loved ones (parents and grandparents will be especially delighted to receive).

Dog and Pony Ranch Merchandise Llama Fiber Products

Our llamas are sheared every spring before the hot summer so our llama fiber has been accumulating. We've started processing the fiber into various products with more still to come!

Dog and Pony Ranch Merchandise Logo Items

Our guests have given us great ideas to expand with the products they most like to buy as souvenirs when traveling, so we've added hats and coffee mugs in addition to other cups and t-shirts. Online fulfillment will allow us to offer many more colors and sizes. Please continue to let us know what you'd like to see in our store!