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Optional Extras with the Barn Animals

Pasture-Raised Chickens Lay the Best Eggs!

Our guests often comment about how much better our chickens' eggs taste than anything they find in the store. One guest's post said it perfectly "All those brands that claim 'farm fresh eggs' have nothing on this! I actually picked out freshly laid eggs! It was so fresh that it was still warm!"

Not only are our ranch eggs fresher, but the eggs also taste better since our hens have the freedom to forage outdoors everyday giving them sunshine, exercise and a more varied/natural diet. We provide a complementary dozen eggs in the refrigerator for guests to enjoy, with additional eggs available for purchase (dozens available when hens laying the most from March - Sept).

Pasture-raised chicken eggs at the Dog & Pony Ranch

Taking the llamas for a walk on 60 acre ranch

Llama Walks

Our evening llama walks have become very popular and guests are always delighted with the experience. Llorenzo and Mozart are very gentle so even children can lead them (with adult help depending on age). After a brief lesson with safety info, we catch/halter and practice leading the llamas around their paddock.

The llamas walk nicely at people pace up to our view spot which is a beautiful location for this unique photo opportunity. We help you pose with the llamas and send you a link to digital photos. On the way back to the barn, the llamas will show you how sure-footed and agile they are jumping over a log. Along the 1/2 mile loop, you'll learn more about these special animals and fall more in llove with llamas! Sorry, dogs not allowed on llama walks for everyone's safety.

  • $25 for a couple/family to take our 2 llamas on a ~30 minute walk with photos

Horseback Riding

Our gentle and well-trained horses are great for beginners. Our guests can learn to groom and tack the horse, get a lesson in the arena and/or a relaxing trail ride around the property. Our older horses are past their heavy-riding days so don't do high performance work like they used to do (once/week riding max), but truly riding and controlling a horse is an awesome experience compared to nose-to-butt trail rides.

Let us know what you want and we'll customize some special horse-time for you. Many of our guests have never been on a horse before, and Cyndi's safety-focus and cautious nature is reassuring to them. Dogs must be on-leash or preferably confined at the house when people are out with the horses. Please let us know before your arrival if you'd like to book a horse riding session. Typical requests:

  • Lead-line "pony rides" in arena (best option for children under 8): $50 for 1 child/horse or $75 for 2 people/horses in a ~60 min session with photos
  • Groom/tack/ride a horse in arena/trails (with instruction): $75 for 1 person/horse or $125 for 2 riders/horses in a ~90 min session with photos

If you are looking for a trail ride for a larger group, we can recommend nearby horseback riding options. We're not a large dude ranch or rental with lots of horses so we can't guarantee how many of our horses will be rideable at the time of your visit.

Enjoying the horses at the Dog & Pony Ranch

If you have your own horses and want to enjoy them while on vacation, see our Bring Your Horses page for details and info about our horse facilities.

More Photos!

We have so many wonderful photos of our happy guests (both 2 and 4-legged) who have visited us at the Dog & Pony Ranch since we opened for public rentals in 2013. See more favorite photos of guests interacting with our barn animals on Animal Fun at the Dog & Pony Ranch or in the carousel below to find out more about the animal experiences you can enjoy during your visit.